Autotie is the best-quality car exchange service for consumers in Finland.

Autotie is a site with offers from car dealers where the customer does not need to know anything at all about cars. The most important mission of Autotie is to help customers to find the perfect car for them, whether it be new or used.

Autotie reaches a significant number of wealthy people who are past middle age and an exceptional number of female consumers.


Monthly reach


Campaign Planning
Tel. +358 9 122 2848
Available weekdays 8.00 am - 4.00 pm


Ad Forms

Large rectangle
Large Rectangle
468 x 400 px
Wide sky scraper
Wide skyscraper
200 x 600 px
Dynaaminen Tapetti matala
Dynamic Wallpaper low
1600 x 1200/250 px
Dynamic Wallpaper high
1600 x 1200/400 px
Giant panorama
980 x 552 px

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