Dynamic Advertising

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Dynamic Advertising

Dynamic advertising is a technology that helps personalize advertising and thereby improve its impact. It also enables the use of feeds in advertising, which in turn allows for dynamic retargeting and makes it easier to implement and manage long-term, prospective advertising. In addition, feed-based dynamic advertising can help gain substantial cost savings in material production.

Targeting Logic of Dynamic Advertising

When the goal is to drive traffic to the advertiser’s website or physical shop, the content of the advertising can be varied depending on the audiences, the context or the location. When the goal is to convert website visitors into paying customers, the best tool is dynamic retargeting. Dynamic advertising techniques can also be cross-used (excl. audiences and context).


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Advertising content can be varied depending on which target group the consumer belongs to. The target groups consist of demographics, phase of life and households, interest, purchase intent and B2B groups.

List of target groups



Advertising content can be varied depending on the context in which the advertising is displayed in Sanoma's content. We analyse the textual content of the articles and use it in targeting. We offer different levels of context options in dynamic advertising.

List of contexts


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Advertising content can be varied depending on the consumer’s location. In dynamic advertising, content can be varied according to the municipality or the province.

List of provinces and municipalities

Dynamic Retargeting

The displayed ad content features the products that the consumer has viewed on the advertiser’s website. This helps ensure a successful purchase decision. Those who have already purchased the product can be excluded from the target group. We can optimize advertising so that it does not cause a negative emotional reaction as too aggressive.


Product Collection

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Visually impressive ad format that combines brand advertising and tactical advertising. The upper part of the ad can display a video or an image to communicate either the company’s brand or the desired product category more specifically. The lower part highlights the desired products from the product feed for the user to browse. Finally, a clear call to action prompts the user to purchase a product.


Ad instructions for Product Collection with an image

Ad instructions for Product Collection with a video

Product Full Page


Product Full Page is an extremely versatile creative option. It is the perfect choice when a large image and visual elements are important, when advertising, e.g., fashion or decor. In addition, it enables the flexible advertising of services, for example in various contexts. The ad format is CPM-priced for brand advertising and directional advertising and CPC-priced for dynamic retargeting.

Ad instructions for Product Full Page

Product Bar


Tactical ad format in the skyscraper spot on desktop and in-article spot on mobile devices. Size: 300x600 px. The format is ideal for presenting six different products at the same time. A feed is not necessary to run the ad, but it can be run by adding the product information in Google Sheets and can also be updated in the same way. The format allows you to choose whether the small icon will redirect the visitor directly to the landing page or whether they will first be shown a larger image of the product.


Ad instructions for Product Bar

Ad instructions for Product Bar without a pre-made feed

Product Listing


A tactical ad format in a premium spot either for mobile or desktop. Size: 600x600 & 980x400 px. The products can be browsed in the ad and they come either from a feed or a Google Sheets file. In addition to communicating products alone, the ad format also allows you to get your campaign message and brand across more effectively.

Example of desktop implementation

Ad instructions for Product Listing

Dynamic Product Highlight


A tactical, CPC-priced product for online marketplaces that want to highlight an individual product. Product Highlight stands out from other advertising due to its appearance and enables effortless ad creative production. The ad consists of the advertiser’s name, the product name, a product image, a description and a CTA button.

Ad instructions for Dynamic Product Highlight

Product Edge

Feed-based ad solution for instream video advertising. The ad combines a tactical and a brand-building message. The products and the product information are retrieved from the customer’s product feed or a Google Sheets document.

Product Video

Feed-based ad solution for instream video advertising.

Ideal for advertisers who want to prioritize the product in their communication and utilize the audio-visual awareness of the brand.

The products and the product information are retrieved from the customer’s product feed or a Google Sheets document.

Instructions and Materials


Several dynamic solutions require a feed. We offer direct support only for product feeds, but other types of feed are also possible.

Instructions for the feed

Advertising Script

To create a dynamic ad, we not only need the material for the ad format of your choice, but also a script that tells us how to build the ad.

Material specifications for dynamic ads

Dynamic Retargeting

We provide the necessary tags for retargeting when we agree on the campaign.

Instructions for installing tags