Performance-based Display Advertising

We provide a wide range of solutions for effective performance-based advertising. In performance-based advertising, you only pay for actual clicks, and it is often the most cost-effective way to drive traffic to your website.

In performance-based advertising, the cost per click depends on the performance of the campaign, and every ad format has its own base price.

Performance-based Advertising Solutions

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Social Display

Social Display is an impressive, effective tactical ad format. The same materials that are used in Facebook can generally be used in this format. Social Media Highlight is the ideal ad format when you want to drive traffic to your website, generate conversions or improve the reach of your Facebook advertising.

Social Media Highlight can be either a link ad or a CTA ad with CPC pricing. The ad can consist of a video or an image. Social Media Highlight is displayed on most Sanoma websites, with the exception of Helsingin Sanomat.

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Product Ad

Easy, low-threshold tactical ad solution that redirects to a product or order page. The ad consists of an image, a headline, a product description and a CTA button with editable text. The ad is displayed on the front page and article pages of the IS and Lifestyle websites.

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Sanoma RON CPC Package

Performance-based solution with the lowest cost-per-click. This is a good choice when the volume of traffic is your most important indicator. The campaign can be untargeted or targeted to a relevant target group. Since you only pay for clicks, we recommend that you consider whether the campaign needs targeting.

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Better Results with Dynamic Advertising – Performance-based Included


Higher-quality Traffic

By showing consumers products that they are interested in, you can bring visitors to the website who are more likely to buy.


Ad Creatives Automatically

Dynamic ads are built from a product feed, so the ad can display thousands of products that are in stock and have prices that are always up-to-date.


Continuous Activities Made Easier

Campaign management becomes easier, material costs are lower and targeting helps build communicative content that lives with the seasons.

Traffic Redirection Solutions

Traffic Redirection Solutions

The goal is to redirect new, potential buyers to your website. The campaign can consist of thousands of ad variations that can be targeted on a product category or product level.

All of Sanoma’s target groups can be utilized in the targeting process: groups based on interest, purchase intent, demographics, phase of life and location (municipality or province). In addition, the context, i.e., the article in which the ad is displayed on the Sanoma website, can be utilized in targeting.

See a lisf ot pre-made contexts for dynamic advertising

Advertising can also be optimized based on clicks or socio-economic status to achieve a better performance.

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Dynamic Product Highlight

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A performance-based traffic redirection campaign is possible only in online marketplaces where the product in question can be purchased directly. The solution is meant for continuous activities, so the minimum campaign period is one month.

Dynamic Retargeting Solutions

The aim of dynamic retargeting is to guarantee the closing of a deal in cases when a visitor has viewed a specific product in the advertiser’s online marketplace. Purchase decisions are not often made immediately, but the visitor needs to be reminded of the product they have viewed. Dynamic retargeting is the best solution for this purpose, because the specific product that the visitor has been interested in can be displayed in the ad. Ad formats that can show multiple products at once can also display, e.g., other products in the same product category.

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Product Listing

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Product Full Page

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Dynamic retargeting is possible only in online marketplaces where the product in question can be purchased directly. The solution is meant for continuous activities, so the minimum campaign period is one month.

Targeting Opportunities

Sanoma RON CPC Package, Product Highlight and Social Media Highlight

Targeting options are divided into two categories: “interest target groups” and “other target groups”. In the interest target groups, you can choose only one defining targeting option at a time, in addition to which you can have one targeting option from the other target groups. It is also possible to only choose one targeting option from the other target groups.

If you wish, you can utilize multiple targeting options using the condition “or”, for example, Business and Investing or Education, in which case those belonging to both target groups will see the ad.

Interest Target Groups                                                                    

Wellness and Fitness​

Culture & Events​

Food and Beverages​


Science and Technology

Business and Investing​


Gaming and Esports​



Entertainment and Celebrities​

Families and Relationships​

Hobbies and Activities​


Cars and  Motorcycles

Medical Health​

Consumer Electronics​

Fashion and Beauty

Home, Gardening and Cottage​



TV, Movies​

News and Society​

Other Target Groups                                                                                    

Device Targeting (mobiili / desktop)

Geo (provinces, biggest cities)​


Operating System (only in Social Media Highlight)​