Puutarha.net is the largest yard and garden-themed website in Finland

Puutarha.net features an abundance of information and current topics related to designing, constructing and maintaining a yard and a garden. The weekly online magazine includes articles, product presentations and special offers. The popular plant register, the active discussion forum and the advice service serve those with green fingers and a thirst for knowledge.

In its hottest season, Puutarha.net reaches more than 100 000 consumers per week who are interested in the yard and the garden!


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Tel. +358 9 122 2848
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Ad Forms

Large rectangle
Large Rectangle
468 x 400 px
Wide sky scraper
Wide skyscraper
200 x 600 px
Dynaaminen Tapetti matala
Dynamic Wallpaper low
1600 x 1200/250 px
Dynamic Wallpaper high
1600 x 1200/400 px
Giant panorama + wallpaper
Giant Panorama Wallpaper
Giant panorama
980 x 552 px

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