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Magazines media is not paper, it’s quality time. An experience that adds a touch of luxury to the special moment you take for yourself in your everyday life. Skillfully written content evokes emotions that leave a memory trace. What's best, advertising in magazines is seen as an integral part of the reading experience, even a service.

This page contains more information about advertising in magazines media as well as ideas and inspiration to support your work.

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Quality Time for Advertising

Magazines media is present in the everyday life of consumers. The multimedia format includes not only print and digital media, but also native advertising and events, among other things.

Readers focus on the contents of magazines media whenever and wherever suits them best. The advertiser reaches audiences who are in the right mindset, and advertising can become a part of the community. Every magazines media brand has its own special profile, which the commercial partner can naturally identify with either through detailed product information or longer story-telling. Advertising in magazines media is seen as part of the reading experience. This creates quality time for advertising as well.

Sanoma is one of the best magazines media producers in Finland. We have a big team of storytelling professionals who are passionate and ambitious about their job.

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