Sanoma aikakausmedia

Sanoma Magazines Media

Sanoma’s Magazines Media enrich the lives of Finns by providing experiences, helping in everyday life and offering inspiration for special occasions – own time with topics that are personally meaningful. What's best, advertising in periodical media is perceived as an integral part of the reading experience, even a service.

Quality Time for Advertising Too

Magazines media have a strong presence in the everyday lives of consumers. Multiple channels create new meeting points between brands and consumers, which in turn strengthen the close consumer bond even further.  

Readers focus on the contents of periodical media whenever and wherever suits them best. The advertiser can reach audiences who are in the right mindset, and advertising can become a part of the community. Every periodical media brand has its own character which the commercial partner can naturally identify with either through detailed product information or longer story-telling.  Advertising in magazines media is perceived as part of the reading experience. This creates quality time for advertising as well.