HS metro

HS Metro

Reach the urban population through the most read urban paper in Finland. Advertising in HS Metro reaches active city dwellers who are interested in a wide range of topics in life. HS Metro condenses the news and topics into an interesting package. The paper is distributed on Monday and Friday mornings in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and the local areas of Uusimaa. Advertising in HS Metro brings a significant number of additional impressions to your campaigns. Together with Helsingin Sanomat, it forms the print media with the highest reach in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area where regional targeting is also possible.


Readers: 226 000 / day, 425 000 / week
Source: TNS Atlas F2018-S2018


Customer Service
Corporate customers tel. +358 10 80 80 85 *)
Advertising and media agencies tel. +358 10 80 80 95 *)
*) 0,0840 eur/min, incl. VAT 24%
Available weekdays 8 am - 4 pm

Target group

Women & Men
Higher education
City dweller
15-29 years





Pre-made ads

Publication day Bookings Material deadlines
Monday Fri 9 am Fri 12 noon
Friday Thu 9 am Thu12 noon

Ads to be Prepared

Publication day Bookings and materials
Monday  Thu  9 am
Friday Wed 9 am


HS Metro is published on Mondays and Fridays in 2019 and 2020

HS Metro is published on Mondays and Fridays in 2019 except on the following days

Friday 6.12. Independence day
27.12.2019–6.1.2020 Christmas Break
Friday 10.4. Good Friday
Monday 13.4. Easter Monday
Friday 22.5. Day after Ascension Day
Fri 19.6. Midsummer Eve
25.12. – 1.1.2021 Christmas break
HS Metro wkd  is published on every Friday in 2019 except on the following days
Fri 19.4. Good Friday
Fri 31.5. Day after Ascension Day
Fri 21.6. Midsummer Eve