Sanoma News Media

The news are always worth your attention.
This’s what makes news media such a unique tool for marketers.

The news are skilfully told stories that draw us close and allow us to see far. Everything we see in connection with the news gains a new value. It becomes important to us. And in Sanoma news media, important becomes interesting.

This page contains more information about marketing in Sanoma news media as well as ideas and inspiration to support your work.

Sanoma News Media Has a Strong Bond with Users

A news story can be fascinating, exciting or startling, but it is never insignificant. Whatever the news, it is united by the readers’ need to understand what is happening around them right now. This is what makes news media such a unique tool for marketers.

Sanoma news media allows you to reach an audience of millions in a quality environment. An active audience with purchasing power and a thirst for knowledge. In an environment that is reliable and where advertising is seen as a service, even a source of inspiration and ideas. News media is also consumed with a strong focus.

News media content relies on the journalistic principles of truthfulness, portraying the times and impartiality. Quality and reliability are even more important in this day and age, when distinguishing right from wrong can be challenging in the flood of media. Sanoma's editorial offices boast the most skilled and motivated professionals in Finland, forming the basis for high-quality journalism.

This makes the news media an excellent platform for your message, regardless of the channel and device.

Helsingin Sanomat


Helsingin Sanomat is a genuinely multichannel news media: readers can read its contents wherever, whenever and using any device. Nicknamed “Hesari”, the paper has an exceptionally close relationship with its readers. Readers consume its content diversely, regularly and in depth.

Helsingin Sanomat provides advertisers a reliable media environment that reaches more than one million consumers with purchasing power through multiple channels in a single day.

Advertising in Helsingin Sanomat is seen as high-quality, useful and reliable content. Due to this, the advertising works and generates sales.

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Ilta-Sanomat is the most-read news media in Finland and offers topics of discussion. It is one of three applications used daily by Finns. Ilta-Sanomat holds a unique position in Finland as the most-read domestic media: Ilta-Sanomat encourages Finns to leave their bubbles and open their eyes.

Digitalization has helped Ilta-Sanomat grow from an afternoon tabloid to a multichannel digital service with content that is enjoyed 24/7.

IS.fi is a mass media and a target group media in one package. The extensive news sections allow you to reach consumers nationwide, and the themed sections give you access to target groups. The full Ilta-Sanomat service profile matches the general public of Finland, but its different sections have distinctive profiles. Themed sections offer a great opportunity to reach various target groups in the right media environment.

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Regional and Local News Media


Aamulehti – For the Good of Pirkanmaa since 1881

We are your fastest, most accurate source of news on everything that is relevant to people in Pirkanmaa, in addition to the main topics from Finland and around the world. Every day, every hour.

We tell you all you need to know about meaningful work, everyday life and special occasions, family life, housing, health and exercise. We feature the most beloved people and the most interesting culture on our pages. We offer live broadcasts of matches near you and local events, several hundred a year – from major league ball games to junior sports tournaments: football, basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, disc golf. We honour the solid expertise and uncompromising work of the economic region in the fields of finance, entrepreneurship, science, technology, culture and sport. We proudly describe our local, national and global highlights and do so with the most expertise in Finland.

Satakunnan Kansa

Satakunnan Kansa

We are the go-to source for people wanting to know what is happening in Pori and Satakunta. The province would simply not manage without Satakunnan Kansa.

Satakunnan Kansa deals with whatever is important to people: we broadcast school proms live from across the province and reveal what is happening behind the scenes with Ässät and how Pori Jazz brings international stars to perform to the locals of Satakunta.

Satakunnan Kansa has been published in a line of generations for almost 150 years, and advertisers have relied on the media as a marketing partner for just as long. We will continue to be a trusted, forward-looking, customer-oriented marketing partner in the years to come.

Nokian uutiset mobile

Local papers

Local papers are enjoyed by readers both at the breakfast table and in the major turning points in life. We accompany our readers on their first day of school and when they put their graduation caps on, when they buy a house, enjoy a hobby, do the shopping – in joy and in sorrow, everyday life and special occasions.

Our content can be read through all channels, and our readers are committed to their familiar local papers. Advertising in a highly-anticipated subscription media also works.

The familiar local paper is a reliable partner for readers and advertisers alike.