The new HitMix is a national radio station for the urban population and active adults that also gains access to consumers through local content and advertising. The channel serves as an excellent addition to the Nelonen Media radio portfolio, boosting its market leadership among the under 55 age group. HitMix features the most hits from the 90s to the present day, and its music and hosts bring a smile to its listeners’ faces.


Weekly reach 53 % of finns lives in the coverage area. First ratings will be available at the end of this year.


Contact Information
Tv- ja radio Planning: 040 723 2436

Target group

Women & Men
City dweller


Coverage areas:

Helsinki 95,2 MHz,

Hyvinkää 91,3 MHz

Jyväskylä 88,0 Mhz

Kuopio 95,6 Mhz

Varkaus 104,0 Mhz

Nilsiä/ Siilinjärvi 89,3 Mhz

Pori 101,0 Mhz

Rauma 92,9 Mhz

Äänekoski 88,4 Mhz

Turku 99,0 Mhz

Tampere 99,1 Mhz


Material Instructions