Radio Aalto

Radio Aalto

Reach women from the more responsible ones to those who like to joke around. Choose the right wave, Aalto.

Choosing the right radio media dramatically increases the impact of your advertising. Radio Aalto hits home with 25–44-year-old women with a lot going on in life. Advertising on Radio Aalto reaches roughly half a million Finns each week.

Radio Aalto's programmes bring a perfect mix of lightness, entertainment, facts and opinions to the everyday life of listeners. Aalto serves as a fun retreat from everyday reality, but does not hesitate to take a stand on current issues. Listeners are pampered with the best classic hits and new, lighter music, naturally spiced by Aalto's own twist.

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Weekly reach 428 000
Source: Finnpanel Oy, National Radio Survey 1-6/2018


Contact Information
TV and Radio Planning: +358 40 723 2436

Target group

Higher education
25-44 years


Working days

  • Radio Aalto Dynastia with Hanna Kinnunen, Jarkko Valtee and Kimmo Vehviläinen at 6–10 am
  • Radio Aalto day with Suvi Hartlin at 10 am - 2 pm
  • Radio Aalto afternoon with Jenni Alexandrova at 2–6 pm


  • Radio Aalto morning with Elina Kottonen at 9 am –1 pm
  • Radio Aalto afternoon with Suvi Hartlin at1–3 pm
  • Radio Aalto Dynastia recap in late afternoon


  • Radio Aalto late afternoon with Elina Kottonen at 3–6 pm
  • Radio Aalto evening with Jani Juntunen and the Official Finnish Albums Chart at 6–8 pm


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