The new way of buying video advertising

Videomainonnan uusi ostotapa

A video ad is most effective when viewed right to the end

For a video ad to have the desired impact on the viewer, it must be seen in full. The key video advertising metric in terms of achieving the desired brand impact is a video viewed to completion. This has both short- and long-term effects on the brand.

We at Sanoma guarantee that you only pay for video ads viewed to completion

As of August 2018, you only pay for video impressions who have viewed your ad to completion. This, together with our reliable Premium video environment, makes us the most trusted advertising partner in the market, also in video advertising.

Viewing video ads to completion is guaranteed in Ruutu Premium and the Ruutu Video Network. Due to technical reasons, we cannot give the same promise for programmatically bought video ads, so we have lowered the prices of programmatically bought video ads so that our customers can enjoy equal benefits regardless of the method of buying.

The new method of buying video advertising can be applied to campaigns starting after 13 August 2018.

See the updated instream and outstreamvideo advertising rates here >

Ask for more information from your sales representative or contact us.

Example of the Impact of Video Advertising

For a video ad to have the desired impact on the viewer, it must be seen in full.

Watch our ad video with the ending cut off (first) and compare it to the second video, which is shown in full. The brand impact may be quite different depending on whether your customer sees the full video or only a part of it.