Network Targeting Products

Reach a specific target audience through a high-quality, safe media environment!

Sanoma's network has the highest reach in Finland and has been built around the best-quality media brands in our country. Our network reaches almost every Finn each week, within each and every target group.

Due to our wide, committed readership and our high-quality, versatile media brands, we can also create the best targeting products in the country to meet your specific needs.

Combine targeting options and various advertising forms to see the positive impact of advertising when using both brand-based and tactical indicators. You can also tailor your advertising message to appeal to the target group in the best possible way.

We currently offer the following targeting options:

  • demography (age, gender)
  • geographical location
  • time of day
  • media environment
  • interests (e.g. Sport, Food and Wine, Garden)
  • current weather conditions and forecast
  • device / browser / operating system
  • retargeting / remarketing

We can also provide audiences tailored to your needs, please contact us.