Helsingin Sanomat Ad-Buying Simplified at the Start of 2018

The ad sizes of Helsingin Sanomat and HS Metro will be unified on 2 Jan. 2018, allowing advertisers to use the same ad material in both papers.

All of the 6-column module sizes of Helsingin Sanomat and HS Metro will become 5-column modules. In addition, the pricing structure will be simplified and made easier to use.

Sections of the papers that will have 5 columns

Helsingin Sanomat HS Metro HS Tehopaketti Booster Package (HS + HS Metro)
Retail   Retail
Travel ad pages    
Classified ads Classified ads Classified ads
Family announcements    
Education Supplement education class, Summer Supplement events calendar    

1-, 2- and 3-column modules will become wider

  Current As of 2 Jan.
1 column 39 mm 47 mm
2 columns. 82 mm 99 mm
3 columns. 125 mm 150 mm

Page-wide (254 mm) modules will not change.