Case If Keltanokka

Sharp focus on children’s road safety

The If Keltanokka (“yellow peak”) campaign was noticed, it was extremely clear and it also activated people well. The campaign had a particular impact on people’s preferences, which shows that it touched people emotionally.

Campaign goals


If wants to promote road safety in a concrete way every year. It does this by giving out yellow reflective baseball caps to first-grade school pupils.

With this campaign, If wants to attract attention and start a conversation about traffic safety, thus ensuring a safe school journey for children.

The Keltanokka campaign is quite well-known and noticed. In the 2019, the central goal was to ensure that people associated the campaign with If.


The campaign was delivered in multiple channels in Sanoma media. The campaign consisted of radio spots and promotions, radio stations’ social media account leverage, floating TV programme sponsorship, digital advertising and the multi-channel Helsingin Sanomat newspaper front page.

Radio Suomipop presenters told listeners about the return to school, directed them to the If campaign page and encouraged listeners to take part in the competition. The presenters also told listeners about the competition winners and times when entrants had spotted children wearing the yellow caps.


If Keltanokka casekooste

The Keltanokka campaign had a very high recall score. According to a survey about the campaign, 67% of respondents had seen at least one of the campaign advertisements. The recall score was slightly higher among men.

The advertiser behind the campaign was also better known than in similar campaigns: 54% of respondents knew that If was the advertiser.

People liked the campaign a lot: 79% of respondents said they liked the campaign and only 5% said they did not. People particularly liked the campaign because of the importance of the issue: 76% of respondents considered the campaign message clear.

The campaign activated people better than an average campaign. The campaign made people curious (47%), managed to inspire them (41%), made them more interested in the advertiser (35%) and got them to recommend the advertiser (33%). Just over half the respondents felt the advertising positively affected their impression of If. The more media people had seen the advertising in, the more strongly it activated them.

Case asiakkaan kommentti

“With the Sanoma media, we were able to deepen the campaign message and start a conversation about children’s road safety. The results of the campaign show that the most important successes were reaching the goals set and, in particular, reach and success of message among a broad target group. One big success was increasing awareness of If’s role as the advertiser behind the campaign.”

Jori Virtanen, Marketing Communications Manager, If

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