HS monikanavaiset aineisto-ohjeet

HS Multichannel Solutions

How are multichannel solutions displayed in different channels?

HS Front Page

The ad is displayed once when entering the HS.fi site or any page in the mobile applications. The ad can be closed by clicking on the X at the top or bottom of the banner, and clicking on the banner will redirect users to content.

HS multichannel front page is run mainly based on impressions. The ad is not shown to all HS readers, but is run on mobile, computer and table browsers based on impressions. This means that the ad will be visible on about half of the browsers and applications accessing the site.

In HS tablet applications, the ad is shown at the start of the daily paper both in the digital edition and the edition designed for tablets. Due to the display logic of tablets, the number of daily ad impressions will vary slightly.

Other Multichannel Solutions

HS digital full-page and HS digital half page are displayed in articles and HS digital small ads mainly at the end of articles.

Material Instructions

HS Front Page

HS Front Page Print Material

HS front page ads may not contain a working EAN code. The barcode can cause phantom charges at store checkout. Sanoma Media Finland Oy does not filter out the barcodes in materials.

HS Front Page Digital Material

Both sets of materials are needed to run HS front page in digital format: desktop and mobile, and tablet. Loading the material through a 3rd party tag (such as Adform) is not possible in HS front page ads.

Material Specifications Schedule Submission
Print Material 5 x 308, 254 x 308 mm PDF
  • 12 noon on the previous day
  • Friday 12 noon for Sunday and Monday materials

The material is submitted via the material link sent after making a booking:

  • Print 254 x 308 mm, PDF
  • 2 sets of online-materials (desktop/mobile and tablet)
  • 1 target URL
  • 1–3 trackings for materials (optional).
    Only click tracking is possible on the tablet.
Digital Material

Desktop and Mobile:
718 x 841 px, max. 300 kB
Format JPG, PNG

1436 x 1682 px, max. 2 MB


HS Multichannel Material – Other Sizes

Material Specifications Spread, Full-page, Fixed inserts Small Ad Formats Schedule Submission
Print Material Spread: 528 x 365 mm
Full-page: 254 x 365 mm
*Fixed inserts: 254 x 365 mm
4-page :4 inserts
8-page: 8 inserts


3 x 365, 150 x 365 mm

1/2-page, 254 x 180 mm

2 x 365, 99 x 365 mm

3 x 180, 150 x 180 mm

5 x 88, 254 x 88 mm

2 x 180, 99 x 180 mm

2 x 134, 99 x 134 mm

  • The deadline for materials is 12 noon on the previous working day.
  • Friday 12 noon for Sunday and Monday materials

The material is submitted via the material link sent after making a booking.

  • 1 set of image materials for desktop, mobile and tablet
  • 1 target URL
  • 1 tracking – optional
Digital Material W620 x H891px, max 250 kB
Fixed insert max 150kB/picture
Format: jpg, png, HTML5, 3rd party tag

W600 x H500 px, max 100 kB

Format: jpg, png, HTML5, 3rd party tag

*Fixed inserts are displayed in full-page size in a carousel. 1–4 images for a 4-page insert, 1–8 images for an 8-page insert, the desired page number in the file name of the image. Each page can have its own target URL. The multichannel option does not concern regional advertising or other Helsingin Sanomat media, unless this is explicitly stated in the price list.

Multichannel Native Materials


Material Specifications Schedule Delivery
Print material

Half a page
Helsingin Sanomat
150 x 365 mm / 254 x 180 mm

Full page
Helsingin Sanomat
254 x 365 mm

Double page spread
Helsingin Sanomat
528 x 365 mm

Native advertising has to be seperated from editorial content. In print this requires a a frame (5mm) and by including the word MAINOS (”ADVERTISEMENT”). MAINOS is written in capital letters, font size 12 pt. MAINOS should be placed in the upper-left corner and the lower-right corner. Font color should be black or white. See closer instructions here

Material delivery 2 working days before the start of the campaign.

Via the material link for print material, sent offer the booking has been confirmed:

  • 1 set of materials
Digital Material

Image 600x314, max 80 kt, jpg
Headline max 80 characters
Lead paragraph max 150 characters
Advertiser's name: Advertiser's name as it is wanted to be displayed in the native ad

Periods are not used in the header. A question mark, dash, or colon is accepted. The use of exclamation marks is not recommended. The headline and lead paragraph must be grammatically correct and good Finnish. The click should direct to content that is in line with the headline and lead paragraph (not for example, the product catalog, the front page of the company's website, or the online store). The content must fulfill the headline's promise

Material delivery 2 working days before the start of the campaign.

Via the material link for digital material, sent after the booking has been confirmed:

  • 1 set of materials, ie. headline, lead paragraph and picture (the same material will be used for desktop, mobile and tablet)
  • 1 target URL
  • 1 tracking – optional

If there are problems sending the material via the material link, please contact: digitrafiikki@sanoma.com

If Sanoma produces native advertising materials, Sanoma is also responsible for the material delivery and the customer does not need to provide the material