Instructions for Ad Delivery

Steps of Material Delivery

1. Upload Link

When a campaign has been confirmed, an upload link will be sent for submitting the ad material. The upload link is campaign-specific and valid for display, cpc and video campaigns the entire duration of the campaign. For print campaigns the link is valid until Sanoma has handled the campaign and the status is sent.

The e-mail will be sent from and the subject of the message will be of the form: "Campaign ID – Campaign name- Ad material upload – start date of the earliest line item".  Example ON-300703 - ADvendio Test Advertiser Oy AB - Ad material upload - 28-05-2021

2. Ad Material Upload Page

The material is delivered to Sanoma through the upload page. Go to the upload page by clicking on the link in the e-mail: “Upload material”.

This is what the upload page looks like.

delivery page
  1. Campaign information - customer, campaign ID, campaign name and purchase order
  2. The Type on the upload page tells you which of the media channels below the line item belongs to.
    • Display: Line items of online advertising 
    • Print: Line items of print campaigns
    • Video: Line items of in-stream and Supla campaigns
    • Native: Line items of native campaigns in online advertising
    • Audio/Radio: Line items of radio and Supla campaigns
  3. When you use the material link to go to the upload page, the page will display the line of the first campaign launch. Each line item contains the following information:
    • Creative number (MatSpecName): Line ID
    • Creative type: The type in front of the line name tells you whether it is a print, video, audio or digital campaign.
    • Item category: Name of the line item
    • First insertion: Starting date of the line item
    • Last insertion: Ending date of the line item
    • Material deadline: Deadline for delivering the material
    • Size/Duration: Size of the line item
    • Status: The status of the line allows you to monitor the progress of the campaign. The line is ready to start once its status is complete (digital, video) or sent (print).
  4. The menu on the right allows you to view and add more information to the creative.
    • Home panel: Current information for users. The home panel and the links in the material delivery message take you to the material delivery instructions.
    • Summary: Before uploading the creatives, the information is blank. After uploading the creatives, you can see the validation result of the file, whether a URL has been added, the status and ID of the creative and the size and weight of the file.
    • 3rd party/SG code For adding a 3rd party tag and an SG code
  5. The file can be added either by dragging it into the box or clicking on the box to open the file menu. Digital advertising tag material and a video advertising SG code can be added under the 3. party tab.
  6. Once material has been added to the line, the validation is in order and the digital/video line has a URL, the line displays an Approve button. Click on the Send button to send the material to Sanoma.

You can monitor the progress of the campaign processing using the Status of the campaign. Your line item will move from one step to the next as it is processed. 

  • Request material: The upload link has been sent
  • 1 mat reminder/Magazine reminder/Material deadline exeeded: Reminder has been sent
  • Waiting for external approval: Material has not been Approved. Send material by clicking Approve
  • Arrived/Arrived late/New assets: Material has been validated and arrived to delivery portal
  • Need correction/Need correction client: Material needs corrections or comments from client
  • Customer proof: Production has sent the proof to client
  • Error: Material uploading ends in error
  • New version: New material has been delivered
  • Paused: Campaign has been paused
  • Work in progress/ To be produced: Sanoma is working the line item
  • Completed/Placed/Sent/Ready: The line item has been completed