Delivering audio and radio material

Audio: MP3 file

The material link takes you to a website where you can deliver the ad material for your campaign. The link opens directly to the line item of the first publication day. If you are delivering material for a multimedia campaign, you will find separate line items for each media type. You will recognize the items by the material type in front of them (e.g., AUDIO/ RADIO). 

Once you have selected the publication day of your choice by clicking on the line item you want to deliver your material to, follow the instructions below.

1. Adding files

  • Drag the audio file into the marked area or click to open the file menu. 

If the same campaign has multiple materials, you can drag and drop all the files at once. In this case, the system creates a separate creative of each file under the campaign.

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2. Run instructions and more information

  • You can write instructions for material distribution in the Description field of the line item. For example, if you want a certain spot to be run on certain days.

3. File validation

  • You can find the material information in the Validation tab on the right.
  • Check the validation report of your creative, i.e., the summary of the inspection. If your creative did not pass validation (red colour):
    • Delete the creative you added by clicking on the rubbish bin icon.
    • Make the required corrections to your creative, check for example the weight limit or the duration of the material.
    • Upload the corrected file in the line item and check to make sure it passes the validation.
  • Click on Submit

4. Approving and sending the creative

  • The green Approve button appears when the campaign is ready to be sent (the file and the link have been added and validation has been passed).
  • Send the line item by clicking on the Approve button to send the material to Sanoma. 

After approval, the line item will move forward on the upload page under the Arrived status.


5. Campaign processing at Sanoma

  • You can follow the progress of the campaign on the material page.
  • The campaign is ready when its status is Completed.

Exchanging the creative

If necessary, you can exchange the campaign material via the upload page. Delete the old file under the campaign and upload a new file. The creative will be replaced and run according to the material delivery schedules.