Inner page advertising in digital editions

Material Delivery

Full-page ad using a still image

Vertical orientation: 1536 x 2008 px (retina)
Horizontal orientation: 2048 x 1496 px (retina)

  • High-quality JPG or PNG image, the maximum combined file size of vertical and horizontal images is 5 MB
  • Two material images are required, but you can deliver only one redirect link for the campaign
  • A link area the size of the full image is added to the material
  • Impression pixel tracking cannot be appended to the material; impressions and clicks are reported in a separate report
  • Materials cannot be run in rotation
  • No tag materials
  • The ad is displayed on mobile, tablet and desktop devices of different sizes. The image material is scaled automatically to fit the screen. A black margin is automatically added around the edges if the aspect ratio of the screen is different.

Full-page ad using rich media

Ad displays work in the same way as the device browser, meaning that the ads are built using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript technologies similarly to responsive websites. The ad can contain, for example, video, animation, multiple links and clickable elements. The ad display can continue downwards so that the user scrolls down similarly to a website.

The material is delivered as a zip file, including the index.html and the image, CSS and JavaScript elements required for the ad. Possible videos can be streamed in the ad. The maximum file size of the zip file is 5 MB, no tag materials.


  • Video file in mp4 format (max. 500 MB)
  • Poster image in the background of the video as a JPG or a PNG file
    • The aspect ratio of the poster image should be roughly the same as in the video.
    • The poster image is displayed if the video cannot be played because the user is offline, for example.
  • Background images with vertical and horizontal orientation as high-quality PNG or JPG files
    • vertical image: 1536 x 2008 px
    • horizontal image: 2048 x 1496 px
  • Link to the campaign page
  • The ad works on the user's device with both vertical and horizontal orientation. The video player is placed in the centre of the ad on top of the background images delivered by the advertiser. The text and image elements in the background should be placed so that they are not entirely covered by the video.

  • The width of the vertical video is about 95% of the background image
  • The width of the horizontal video is about 80% of the background image

Native material

  • Headline: max. 80 characters
  • Lead: max. 180 characters
  • Body text: no limitations – remember that longer is not always better!
    • Headlines, lists, quotes and links can be used as stylistic devices.
    • Text material can be delivered as a Word or a txt file.
Images & Videos
  • Main image: aspect ratio 16:9, min. 1920 x 1080 px
  • Other possible images: vertical or horizontal,
    width min. 1300 px, max. 5 images
  • File formats: JPG only
  • Caption: character limit: 200.
    • You should add the image credits at the end of the caption, for example: “Photo: Photographer’s name”, or if you use a stock image from an image bank, “Photo: Shutterstock”, for example.
  • Mark where you want each image to go in the body text:
    • Example: Image - file name.jpg
  • Videos can be embedded using links from e.g. YouTube or Vimeo.

Browsable insert 

  • Image (JPG) for each page
  • Vertical orientation only: 1536 x 2008 px
  • Combined maximum size of images: 8 MB
  • Maximum number of pages in the insert: 16
  • Each page can have its own link (indicate which link is for which page)