Performance-Based Advertising

General Instructions

In performance-based advertising, the role of the actual ads is especially important. Each ad must be clearly structured and resonate with your target group. Please observe the points below when designing ads for a performance-based campaign:

Direct advertising to your target group effectively with the right advertising message

  • Address the right target group with a relevant advertising message.
  • Keep your message simple and clear and place all the extra information on the landing pages.

You can have multiple versions of an ad for each advertising format. The suitable number of versions depends on the campaign structure, the budget and the campaign period.

  • The automatic optimisation system selects the ad versions that work best. We cannot guarantee equal visibility to all ad versions.

Sanoma RON CPC Package (image ad)

Ad sizes:

  • 600 x 500 (jpg, png) / 300 x 250 (tag, html5)
  • 200 x 600
  • 468 x 400

Before a campaign can be launched, at least one ad version in each required size must be uploaded in the system. For campaigns that are mobile only, 600 x 500 (jpg, png) / 300 x 250 (tag, html5) is the only required size.

Material requirements and restrictions:

  • The ad must clearly display the name and logo of your company
  • The ad must prompt users to click it
  • A good activation tells the viewer what you want them to do after clicking the ad
    • Read more >
    • Buy now >
    • Enter the competition >
  • The kilobyte limits for banners can be found here
  • Permitted ad formats: JPEG, GIF, PNG, 3rd party tag, HTML5 (N.B. Sanoma’s HTML5 ad instructions)
  • No “misleading functionalities”
  • No sound
  • In animated ads, the duration of the animation is max. 10 seconds after which the animation must end
  • No rapidly flashing or otherwise disturbing animation
  • The file name cannot contain punctuation marks, spaces or characters with umlauts

Material delivery

N.B. We only accept materials that fulfil the requirements listed above.

Sanoma RON CPC Package Description

Social Display

(Sanoma RON, excl. HS)

Material instructions and delivery:

  • Social Display can consist of an image or a video.
  • Social Display can also be produced in carousel format.
  • Fill in the material form and use the material link sent after booking to upload the form, the main image or video and your logo.
  • Delivery deadline: at least 2 working days before the campaign launch.

Material forms:

Main ad image:

Aspect ratio Recommended image sizes File type File size
1.91:1 min. 600 x 315 px
max. 1200 x 630 px
.jpg 300 kB
1:1 min. 600 x 600 px
max. 1200 x 1200 px
.jpg 300 kB


Or video:

Aspect ratio Recommended image sizes File type File size
16:9 320 x 180 – 720 x 405 MP4 Max. 4 MB
1:1 320 x 320 – 720 x 720 MP4 Max. 4 MB
4:5 256 x 320 – 576 x 720 MP4 Max. 4 MB


Other video features:

  • Duration: max. 30 s
  • Frame rate: 25 FPS
  • Audio: 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz
  • Audio loudness: -23 LUFS (+/- 1.0) according to EBU R128
  • MOOV atom at the beginning of the file


  • Logo image (same as in Facebook)

Social Display Description

Product Ad

Material instructions:

  • Image size 600 x 314 px, max. 300 kB
  • One link and the entire ad is clickable 
  • Headline max. 80 characters
  • Description max. 150 characters
  • Advertiser (the advertiser's name as it should be displayed in the ad), max. 32 characters
  • Activation max. 20 characters, for example:
    • “Buy now!”
    • “Subscribe”
    • “Get yours now”

Product Ad Description