Production Guidelines for HS Multichannel Material

Materials to be prepared are sent by e-mail to


Digital material is created mobile first, even when the same material will be used in desktop and tablet. 
The physical size is small in digital material compared to print, so the small details of print material do not work in digital format. Keep the material simple and limit the amount of text so that it remains readable.

Provide instructions on how the print ad should be modified, what should be left out to simplify the materials and what parts should be highlighted. Provide the target URL where the digital material should redirect the user when clicked.


Primarily open layout format, incl. fonts, images and layout file

  • The desired texts, if they are different than in the print ad, or possible changes to texts

If you have any problems

PDF material may pose the following problems when preparing the material:

  • If the PDF can be extracted to its elements, it is possible that the fonts have been converted into graphics, meaning that it will be impossible to run them again, or the material preparation team does not have the required font at its disposal.
  • When the PDF is extracted, its images may be broken down, making their assembly or transfer limited or impossible.
  • If the PDF was originally created as an image using e.g. Photoshop, it no longer has any separate elements and cannot be edited in any way except by scaling.

In such cases, the material preparation team has no other option but to scale the material to another size. This is not possible with spread and half-page ads due to the vertical format of the digital material.

Important Concerning the Schedule

We cannot guarantee that materials submitted late will be published.