Radio Material Instructions

Radio Material Instructions

Material and Transmission Instructions

The radio advertisement copies and transmission instructions must be sent to

Monday Thursday at 11.00 am
Tuesday Friday at 11.00 am
Wednesday Monday at 11.00 am
Thursday Tuesday at 11.00 am
Friday Wednesday at 11.00 am
Saturday Wednesday at 11.00 am
Sunday Wednesday at 11.00 am


The above deadlines also apply to possible advertisement spot changes to an ongoing campaign.

The spot can be changed urgently (e.g. for the next day) only for a very critical reason (wrong price mentioned in the copy,  product out of stock, wrong date for an event etc.).  In all other cases the schedule presented above applies. The duration of the new spot must be the same as of the spot replaced.

The advertisement copies must be clearly named. If no transmission instructions are submitted, the multiple advertisement copies will be rotated evenly.

Advertisements or transmission instructions submitted after the deadline given above shall be subject to a late copy surcharge of €250 + VAT for each delayed day per delayed advertisement. The exceptional schedules around public holidays will be announced separately and may be seen e.g. on X4 Extranet.

Material Requirements


Material can be submitted either in mp3 format.

  • Mp3 file: 44.1kHz or 48kHz normal stereo, 256 kbps or higher. Variable bitrate is not accepted.
  • Microsoft PCM Wav: 44.1kHz or 48kHz 16-bit stereo.

The material is peak-normalised in the transmission system.
The digital peak levels of audio are recommended to be between -10dB–1dB.
The material may not contain more than three seconds of silence.
Stereo material must also be mono-compatible, i.e. it should not contain e.g. phase errors.


It is recommended to submit  an mp3 file, because wav material must be converted. Mp3 file: 48kHz normal stereo, 128 kbps. Variable bitrate is not accepted.

The loudness must comply with the EBU R128 recommendation with the following exceptions:

  • Integrated Loudness -21dB LUFS
  • Maximum True Peak Level -2dB
  • Maximum Momentary Loudness -18 LUFS