HS viikko

HS Viikko

High-quality, high-value added coverage for national campaigns

The Helsingin Sanomat weekly digest, HS Viikko, allows your campaigns to enjoy the familiar, high-quality HS media environment. When you choose Helsingin Sanomat as your media, add HS Viikko to your national campaigns as well to reach even more readers. The long reading time guarantees a high attention value to advertising. The digital edition of HS Viikko also includes ads, and the publication may be read by all HS digital subscribers.

HS Viikko is published on Fridays and provides an overview of the most interesting news and feature stories of the week in addition to extensive cultural, scientific and service content, including food pages and television listings for the upcoming week. It offers the active users of HS.fi and other online services a reading experience that delves beneath the surface of important topics. The roughly 100-page HS Viikko has been extremely well received by its subscribers. The majority of the subscribers come from the largest university cities and rural areas outside Uusimaa. HS Viikko is also sold as single copies.


Readers: 188 000
Source: National Readership Survey KMT 2020 / KANTAR TNS


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Published on Fridays. Delivered with the daily mail.

Publication Day Bookings Materials
Friday Mon 9 am Wed 12 noon
Exceptions to the Schedule
Thursday 1.4.2021
Thursday 24.6.2021
On 17.12.2021  number is a Special Double Issue
HS Viikko will not be published on week 52/2021

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