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Ruutu Video Network

Ruutu Video Network consists of Nelonen Media's TV programme content, news, sports and Sanoma's other video content. Ruutu Video Network includes Ruutu, IS, HS, Nelonen Media radios, Sanoma Lifestyle as well as Pelikone and Älypää pages.

Ruutu Video Network offers advertisers the largest video network in Finland, reaching more than 2 million viewers every week. Ruutu Video Network features in-stream advertising, so ads are run with sound and in full when viewing other video content.


Weekly reach: 2.1 unique visitors / week
Reach reference: TAT, Sanoma analytics (devices) 2018


Target group

Grocery store purchase policymaker
Women & Men
Over 40 year
City dweller
25-44 years
15-24 years