Radio Advertising rates

General Information about Campaigns and Buying

General Information about Campaigns and Buying

Sanoma sells radio airtime on Radio Suomipop, Radio Rock, MeNaiset radio, Loop, Helmiradio and HitMix. 

You can buy radio airtime in three different ways

  1. Radio Velho package
  2. Channel-specific spot rates (Audioplanner)
  3. Channel package with spot rates (Audioplanner)

Contact Guarantee

The contact guarantee is granted in the target audience for those Radio Velho campaigns that have a minimum of 200 TRPs and are booked at least for three (3) days. Radio Velho campaigns have an overall contact guarantee, no channel-specific guarantee.

Spot-Length Factors

All the rates given are for a 30-second spot. The price for spots that are shorter or longer than this can be calculated by multiplying the 30-second rate by the spot-length factors given below. You can find all the spot-length factors in Audioplanner.

Sec Factor Sec Factor
5 0,28833 65 1,91667
10 0,49333 70 2,03333
15 0,665 75 2,15
20 0,80333 80 2,26667
25 0,91666 85 2,38333
30 1,0 90 2,5
35 1,13333 95 2,61667
40 1,26667 100 2,73333
45 1,4 105 2,85
50 1,53333 110 2,96667
55 1,66665 115 3,08334
60 1,8 120 3,20001

Weekly Indexes

Week Index
1-4 80
5-24 100
25-30 100
31-51 100
52-80 80


Season Launch Schedule

Season Launched Avataan myyntiin
February-May 1.2.2022-29.5.2022 22.11.2021
June-September 30.5.2022-25.9.2022 28.2.2022
October-January 26.9.2022-31.12.2022 6.6.2022
January 1.1.2023-31.1.2023 October 2022


Radio Velho

Radio Velho

With Radio Velho package you can buy contacts in predefined target groups. Airtime is floating throughout the campaign period. The Radio Velho campaigns are planned with X4 Extranet. You can determine the weightings on weeks and spot lengths. In addition, it is possible to buy specific advertising blocks and strengthen or leave out certain days of the week by paying a surcharge.

Radio Velho Static package has predetermined shares on channels based on natural listening. The minimum purchase volume is 10 TRPs per day.

Radio Velho Dynamic allows you to choose 3–6 channels and adjust the channel shares. The minimum purchase volumes per channel per day of Radio Velho Dynamic are:

  • Radio Suomipop 5,0 TRP
  • Radio Rock 3,0 TRP
  • MeNaiset radio 1,5 TRP
  • Loop 0,6 TRP
  • Helmiradio 0,3 TRP
  • HitMix 0,1 TRP
  • Aito Iskelmä 0,5 TRP
  • Groove 0,5 TRP

With Radio Velho Channel Buying you can choose a specific channel. The minimum purchase volumes per channel per day are the same as with Radio Velho Dynamic.

Radio Velho



Adjustable shares on channels
3-6 channels
Floating airime



Pre-determined shares on channels
´5-6 channels
Floating airtime

Regional Buying methods:
Channel packages
9+ Helsinki AHH
9+ Helsinki HH

Channel Buying


Channel buying
1 channel
Floating airtime



Channel-Specific Spot Rates

All our eight radio channels can be bought alone or together as combinations of channels using channel-specific spot rates, i.e. fixed block buying in the Audioplanner planning software. In fixed block buying, the block in which the advertisement is transmitted is specified. Each block is three hours long, excluding the night block, which lasts for six hours. The price of each block is determined according to the number of listeners and capacity. There is no minimum purchase or restrictions on campaign durations in block buying. With block buying you can specify the preferred position for your spot in the block and the break for a 20 % surcharge. The surcharge for a tail spot is 10 %.

Channel Package with Spot Rates

Sanoma Media Finland radio airtime can be bought through Audioplanner in the form of predefined channel packages. National package is NM Total. The spot lists, number of transmissions and the spots are the same for all channels in a package.

Regional Advertising

Regional airtime may be bought in the Uusimaa area with Radio Velho Static packages on the channels Me Naiset radio, Helmiradio Uusimaa and HitMix Helsinki. It is also possible to buy regional advertising through AudioPlanner with channel-specific spot rates on the channels Helmiradio Uusimaa and HitMix Helsinki. In addition, regional airtime can be bought through Audioplanner in the form of Helsinki+ channel packages.

Regional advertising and traffic on Helmiradio and HitMix outside the Uusimaa area is managed by Mediatakojat Ltd. Annual agreement discounts do not apply to regional advertising on Helmiradio and HitMix outside the Helsinki area.

Contact information: Sampsa Jolma, tel. +358 44 590 2555,



Repeat restriction: three per week / one per 30 min

Spot-Length Factors are in Supla the same as in radio advertising.

Supla pricing 2022 CPT-rate 30" Discount
Bought separately 25,00  
Price in Audiobundle (-2% bundle discount) from 1.9.2020 24,50 2 %

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