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Young Lions Finland winners 2018! 

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Since 2006 Young Lions Finland competition has given young Finnish marketing professionals an opportunity to show their potential and talent. If you work in marketing and advertising and are 30 years old or younger, Young Lions Finland is your chance to roar.

Young Lions Finland is organized by Sanoma Media Finland, the Official Festival Representative for Cannes Lions in Finland. The winning teams of Young Lions Finland 2018 competition will be sent by Sanoma Media Finland to the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity to compete in the prestigious and international Cannes Young Lions competition.

Winners 2018

Winner lions 2018



GOLD: Who writes your news
Vesa Markonsaari ja Katariina Harteela, Hasan & Partners

Daniel Häggman ja Cecilia Lindström, Mirum Agency

BRONZE: Broken News
Aleksi Erma, TBWA\Helsinki ja Emil Peltonen, Mainonnan Työmaa

PRINT MERIT: Seems legit
Jimi Hyvärinen ja Kalle Wallin, NORD DDB


Janni Widerholm & Heidi Aalto, TBWAHelsinki

SILVER: All Fact Up
 Mya Rydman & Joel Huttunen, Mirum Agency

Miikka Saari, Mirum Agency & Juuli Kiiskinen, Columbia Road


GOLD: Anything Can Be Manipulated Except The Truth
Jimi Hyvärinen & Kalle Wallin, NORD DDB

Niklas Nordling & Okko Käyhkö, Bob The Robot Pictures

BRONZE: #Sourcesmatter Mikael Bertus
Dynamo&Son & Reea Ruohonen, Freelancer


GOLD: HS Fact Checker  
Ada-Maria Wack, Vizeum Finland & Noora Peitsara, Carat Finland

SILVER: Before You Share
Nina Pietiläinen & Sirpa Blomqvist, Dagmar

MEDIA MERIT : One in 10
Maija Salonen, SST & Helinä Leppänen, LM&

MEDIA MERIT: Truth behind the headlines
Jenni Reunanen & Maiju Korpinen, OMD Finland


GOLD: Stay Awake
Take a Break  Lilli Hakanpää ja Maria Sojakka, Paulig

SILVER: Literally Good
Kaisa Kivioja ja Eemeli Lahtinen, Cloetta

BRONZE: Two Things I won’t Change. One is Hesari.
Tiina Lempinen ja Hilla Carpén, Unilever

Jonna Salonen, Unilever ja Susanna Silvander, DNA


Award speeches 2018 

  • Merkityksellisyyden markkinointi
    Markkinointijohtaja, Alexander Sneen, Sinebrychoff
  • Ei strategiaa ilman tarinaa
    Strategiajohtaja, Karolus Viitala, Bob the Robot
  • Epäonnistu rohkeasti, onnistu vielä rohkeammin
    Chief Creative Officer, Partner, Jyrki Poutanen, TBWA\Helsinki
  • Vaikuttavien tulosten anatomia
    Strategiajohtaja, Timo Paloheimo, OMD Finland

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Young Lions Finland 2018 in numbers

from over 80 companies
left 133 entries

Let's break new records in 2019, shall we? 

While waiting for next Young Lions Finland competition you can find all the information you need to prep yourself for next year! 
Check out also the  competition archive and get inspired for next year!  


Competition categories

Young Lions Competition Finland competition categories

Competition Categories

There are five different categories in the Young Lions Finland competition.

Print, Digital & Film categories are for people working in creative agencies. Media category is for people working in media agencies. Marketers category are meant for those who are working for client companies, advertiser, like Unilever and McDonald’s.

Check the category requirements below. Rules may change next year. 

The Brief

Young Lions Competition Finland brief

The Brief 2018

The Jury


The Juries

There are two different Juries in the Young Lions Finland competition: 
Print, Digital & Film Jury and Media & Marketers Jury

Print, Digital & Film Jury

Alexander Sneen, Markkinointijohtaja, Sinebrychoff (Puheenjohtaja)
Mikko Hakkarainen, Creative Director, Partner, Miltton Creative
Kasper Hildén, Lead Creative, Partner, Mirum Agency
Antero Jokinen, Founding Partner, 358
Juhamatti Murtomäki, Art Director, Head of Design, N2
Anu Niemonen, Senior Creative, Hasan & Partners
Jyrki Poutanen, Chief Creative Officer, Partner, TBWA\Helsinki
Crista Tammela, Viestintäjohtaja, Ålandsbanken

Media & Marketers Jury

Suvituuli Tuukkanen, Brändijohtaja, Veikkaus (Puheenjohtaja)
Sari Haavisto, Prompter, Salomaa Yhtiöt
Erja Hyrsky, Toimitusjohtaja, Unilever
Sanna Partanen, COO, Ainoa Resolution
Karolus Viitala, Strategiajohtaja, Bob the Robot
Mikko Peltomäki, COO, GroupM
Antti Nieminen, Head of Marketing, OP Financial Group

Young Lions Competition Finland FAQ


Q: Can I enter the competition on my own?
A: No, competitors taking part in the competition must enter in teams of two, no more or less.

Q: Can a student take part in the Young Lions Finland Competition?
A: Unfortunately full-time students (=don't have a job contract) are not allowed to take part in the competition. 

Q: Can freelancers take part in the Young Lions Finland Competition?
A: Yes, one of the team members can work as a freelancer.

Q: Can I enter the competition on my own?
A: No, competitors taking part in the competition must enter in teams of two, no more or less.

Q: Do I have to register in the Media, Marketers or Digital category in advance?
A: Yes, you have to, the pre-registration ended on Friday 2nd March.

Q: Do I have to register in Print or Film categories in advance?
A: No. Just submit your work by the deadline and you are taking part in the competition.

Q: Can media agencies enter to Digital category?
 Only if you are working in a specific digital department, being a Digital Manager, Social Media etc. then you are good to go.

Q: Can I enter to creative categories (Print, Digital & Film) with different team members?
A: Unfortunately not. The same team can enter once in every creative competition category but team members can’t participate with other team members to the competition. So you kinda are stuck with your other half, so choose your team member wisely.

Q: Why the brief doesn’t show on the website even though it should already be online?
A: Try refreshing your browser and/or deleting the site history.Q: Can we make our own drawing or graphic and use that as a visual in the work?
A: Yes, as long as it doesn’t break any copyrights.

Q: Can we use other images, video clips etc. than the material from Getty Images?
A: Teams must only use material from Getty Images (Marketers also allowed to use their companies images). Teams may also create their own drawings and/or graphics (see the previous question) plus shoot and produce own video materials.

Q: Where do we get the login details for Getty Images?
A: The teams need to send a request on the Young Lions Finland website during the competition week.

Q: Can competitors entering to Marketers category use their brands in their work?
A: The teams in Marketers category can use their brands. However, the judges will be neutral as regards the brands you're using in your competition work.

Q: Getty Images demands credit card information, do I have to pay for using Getty Images?
A: No, free download facility is available for all competing teams during the competition (Creative RF material). Download the material via Easy Access Download.

Q: Can we alter or change client’s logo?
A: Preferably no, use the logos provided with the brief.

Q: Can we use client’s logo as transparent?
A: Yes.

Q: Can we make a series of print ads?
A: Yes you can.

Q: Do you publish shortlists?
A: Yes.

Q: Can we change the submitted presentation (Media, Marketers & Digital) for the Jury presentation?
A: No, the presentation has to be presentable for the Jury as it is submitted.

Q: Do we have to do all the work in English?
A: Yes, in every category. Plus the Media, Marketers and Digital work have to be presented in English to the Jury.

Didn't find the answer?

Contact: Niklas Holm,, 0405 768 067

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