HS Teema

HS Teema (Theme) Magazine

Reach the audience through the clear, high-quality HS Teema in an unhurried, devoted way, more narratively.

Advertising in HS Teema (Theme) Magazine is seen in a refined, award-winning visual media environment. Professional journalism and delving into a single topic create a calm reading experience, which encourages the reader to spend more time with the magazine.

Published six times a year, Teema is a Helsingin Sanomat magazine with a separate subscription plan. Its individual themes focus on the human, time, society and culture, aiming to allow people to make the most of life. As an advertiser, you may take over all of the advertising spots in the magazine, choose a theme that suits your business and find loyal readers interested in it.


Customer Service
Corporate customers tel. +358 10 80 80 85
Available weekdays 8.00 am - 5.00 pm

Target group

Women & Men
Higher education
Over 50 year
City dweller
High income


Quality awareness
Food & cooking
Social affairs



Ad Sizes

* 5 mm bleeds around the edges. Ads must have bleeds on all four sides of the page. The use of bleeds is indicated using crop marks.

Material Instructions