Programmatic Buying

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Programmatic Buying

Programmatic buying is a way of buying media coverage directly through platforms. It enables the real-time optimisation of campaigns and the effective utilisation of data to target advertising.


Why buy Sanoma's Programmatic Solutions?

The entire Sanoma network may be bought programmatically. When buying advertising space from Sanoma, you can be certain that your ads will appear in a safe, high-quality and reliable media environment.

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1.  Highest reach in Finland
possibility to reach your customers regardless of the target group

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2. Brand safety
Our URL transparency and the tools that you use guarantee that your advertising will only be displayed in the environments of your choice.

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3.  Most extensive domestic targeting products
We can build the right target groups in an even more customized and effective way based on your needs. Contact us!

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4.  Personal customer service
  Our programmatic buying professionals are always at your service.

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5.  Best content in Finland
Best-known media and most reliable journalistic content in Finland

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6. Quality advertising environment
We choose our advertising partners with care so you can be sure that your ad will appear alongside other quality advertising.


Basics of programmatic buying & our products

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Programmatic buying - Programmatic terminology 
Frequently asked questions

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Network - Deal structure and pricing model   
Display - Video -Targeting

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If you have any questions concerning programmatic buying, we are happy to help you!
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