Description of the Data protection

Description of Sanoma Media Finland Oy’s processing of its corporate client contacts’ personal data



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This document describes the data processing performed by Sanoma Media Finland on its corporate client contacts’ personal data.

The full Sanoma Media Finland data protection notice is posted here. The Data Protection Notice describes such matters as corporate client contacts’ rights as data subjects, how these rights may be exercised and how the Sanoma Media Finland site uses cookies. In the present description, we tell you about personal data processing that is not precisely described in the Data Protection Notice.

Purpose of processing data

Corporate client contacts’ personal data are processed for the following purposes:

a. Establishing, managing and maintaining a client relationship
b. Marketing, selling, managing, delivering and invoicing products and services provided by Sanoma Media Finland Oy
c. Sending client letters, marketing messages and announcements
d. Opinion polls, market surveys and other research
e. Developing products and services

Personal data processed

We only process corporate client contacts’ data necessary for the aforementioned purposes. Such data are:

a. business data
– company name, business ID, industry, address, phone number, number of personnel, turnover range, purchase transactions
b. corporate client contact data:
– first name and surname, company, phone number, email address, role in the company, information provided by the client, information concerning the client relationship, sex, other information related to the individual’s tasks and position in business life
c. marketing bans

Regular data sources

a. disclosure by client (by phone, via the internet, by email or otherwise)
b. business and transaction connections with clients and stakeholder organizations by Sanoma anda Sanoma's business partners
c. Profinder Yritystietokanta
d. Suomen Asiakastieto Yritysfiltteri Pro
d. contacts added by Sanoma’s employees

Regular disclosures of data

In addition to what is stated in the privacy statement of Sanoma Media Finland, we may disclose personal data to Sanoma Markkinointi Routa for the purpose of marketing products and services and to partners carefully selected by Sanoma Media Finland for the purpose of marketing and organizing events in the field.

Personal data retention period

As a general rule, corporate client contact persons’ personal data are stored for three years after the end of the client relationship.