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Sanoma News Media

Sanoma’s news media allow you to reach audiences in a high-quality environment: HS and IS. An active audience with purchasing power and a thirst for knowledge. In an environment that is safe and where advertising is seen as a service. You can reach an audience of millions or only the segments of your choice.

Sanoma’s News Media Have a Strong Bond with Users

Quality and reliability are even more important in this day and age. Distinguishing right from wrong is challenging in the flood of media. Sanoma's editorial offices boast the most skilled and motivated professionals in Finland, which is the basis for high-quality journalism.

Sanoma’s news media brands have a strong bond with their users: time spent with news media is focused, part of the daily routine and a natural way to spend time. Due to this, advertising is an essential part of the content and the reading experience – it is even expected. This creates the best possible environment for ensuring that the advertiser’s message gets through to the audience. Sanoma's news media allow you to reach an audience of millions effectively in a single day, activate and generate good results.

Helsingin Sanomat

Helsingin Sanomat is a genuinely multichannel news media: readers can read its contents wherever, whenever and using any device.



When you want to reach Finns quickly and efficiently

Ilta-Sanomat is the market leader in afternoon newspapers. Ilta-Sanomat is not just an afternoon paper, but a multichannel digital service with content that users enjoy round the clock.