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Reach a female target audience with a positive attitude towards consumption. Welcome to the largest entertainment channel for women in Finland!

Advertising on Liv reaches 2 million Finns per week. The appealing female audience profile consists of the very same individuals who are the primary target group for many advertisers. Programmes specifically tailored for a female target audience provide an excellent way to become a part of the life of Finnish women.

Liv is a lifestyle-oriented entertainment channel where entertainment, emotions, wit and style provide a framework for advertising. It is a balanced mix of Finnish reality entertainment shows, engrossing international series and films.


Weekly reach 2 million
Source: TV Audience Measurement, weeks 1–52 2018


Contact Information
TV and Radio Planning: +358 40 723 2436

Target group

25-44 years

TV programmes

Liv Charms with Top Series for Women

As the most popular TV channel for women, Liv offers programmes ranging from top international series to Finnish reality TV. 

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