Reach families and change-oriented people. Be seen among the topics of discussion.

The largest TV channel of Nelonen Media has an interesting audience with purchasing power in the form of 3.5 million pairs of eyes per week. Nelonen allows you to reach Finns who have a positive attitude towards advertising, purchasing power and a will to buy. The viewers also share content and comment on it.

Nelonen is the home of strong, domestic prime time content, family entertainment on the weekend and the best variety of films in Finland. Ask us for more information on how to get involved in the topics of discussion that appeal to Finns.


Weekly reach 3.5 million
Source: TV Audience Measurement, weeks 1–52 2018


Contact Information
TV and Radio Planning: +358 40 723 2436

Target group

POP < 50v
With a family
Women & Men
25-44 years

TV programmes

Most Interesting TV Programmes Featuring the Brightest Stars in Finland

Nelonen features Finnish versions of major international entertainment formats and domestic quality series. The wonderful range of programmes offers advertisers both a large audience and a high-reach media environment for influencing various target groups and boosting sales.

Top Finnish entertainment programmes reach the large audiences through the four-day weekend on Nelonen. The channel features more big programme brands than ever before: All Against 1, The Best SingersSuperstars OnlyWho Wants to Be a MillionaireThe Voice of FinlandIdols and Gladiators.

Prime time entertainment on weekday evenings is guaranteed with a generous range of popular domestic series, such as Junior MasterChefThe Office, Night Patrol and Funniest Home Videos.

Nelonen is a strong movie channel. It features the most popular Finnish movies, numerous TV premieres and blockbuster film series, such as James Bond, Indiana JonesPirates of the CaribbeanLord of the Rings and Star Wars.

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