Native Advertising is Commercial Content Naturally Integrated in the Media Environment

Native advertising does not disturb the user experience in terms of media content, but effectively guides the desired target audience towards content.

Sanoma's exceptionally strong brands provide reliable multichannel media environments where the impact of a message is intensified. Our media have the highest reach in the country, and our target group understanding combined with the targeting options guarantee that the set goals are reached.

Our award-winning commercial content producers know how to construct and optimise content for different target audiences.

- Native advertising is seen as a positive form of advertising - it does not interrupt or disturb.
- Time is spent with brands and content - consumers are encouraged to participate and commit to a brand.
- Enables dialogue and interaction with the audience.
- Native advertising in Sanoma's high-quality media is ideal in terms of search engine optimisation.
- Readers are already interested in the theme and the topic, the media environment adds reliability.
- Transparency - commercial content is clearly separated from editorial content in all media.

Read more about native advertising metrics, success stories and guidelines in IAB's Native Advertising Guide (in Finnish).

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