Aito Iskelmä

Aito Iskelmä

Aito Iskelmä is a national station aimed at 45-59-year-olds that plays the most true hits. Listeners are active, middle and high-income parents of teenagers or two-person households.

Aito Iskelmä also has regional advertising.


Weekly reach 336 000
Source: KRT 9-11/2020


Contact Information
Tv- and Radio Planning: +358 40 723 2436

Target Group

55 % women
45 % men



Time Programme
6–10 Aito Iskelmä morning with Kimmo Vehviläinen and Suvi Hartlin
10–14 Aito Iskelmä day with Hanna Kinnunen
14–18 Aito Iskelma afternoon with Milla Mattila


Hanna Pakarinen hosts Aito Iskelmä weekends on Saturdays at 10–15 and Sundays 12–17.


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