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Radio Suomipop amuses, touches and entertains all Finns, from yoga studios to the logging woods, with its stories and music.

Suomipop wants to bring more meaningful moments to listeners’ lives, every day. What guarantees this is Finland’s best music and the brightest starts, who know what people are talking about right now.

Radio Suomipop is the best entertainment to be heard, seen and experienced in Finland, every day of the year. All of this makes it the perfect Finnish radio advertising partner.


Weekly reach 1 026 000
Source: KRT 9-11/2020


TV and Radio Planning: +358 40 723 2436

Target Group

Women 51 %
Men 49 %



Time Programme Hosts
6–10 Aamulypsy Finland's most listened radio show hosted by Jaajo Linnonmaa,
Anni Hautala and Tuukka Ritokoski
10–14 Suomipop Midday Janne Saarinen
14–18 Juuso ja Tinni Show Juuso Mäkilähde and Tinni Wikström
18–19 The best of Aamulypsy  
19–22 Suomipop Evening Juho Keskitalo



  • Janni Hussi on Saturdays at 9–13 and Sundays at 12–16
  • Elina Kottonen on Saturdays at 15–18 and Sundays at 8–12


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