Data and Targeting

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Data and Targeting

Reach your target audience in a high-quality, safe media environment

Be as specific as you want with your ad targeting, utilizing, e.g., interest targeting or your customer data in the Sanoma network. By combining our knowledge, we can grow the size of your target group and discover new customers for you. Whatever your target group is, we can reach them.

You know your customers and so do we.

Targeting in the Sanoma network is based on the widest reach in Finland and high-quality, first-party data. Almost all Finns (95%) use Sanoma’s media. Our websites receive almost 260 000 000 page views every week, and each page view accumulates unique data. Thanks to this data, we are thoroughly familiar with Finns and their media usage. This sets us apart from other players in the field.

We collect our data ourselves from our channels, reliable websites that are the most popular in Finland. We do this with the consent of your customers and using the best data protection practices in the industry.

Targeting and Audiences

Our versatile range of media with its profiled content enables effective targeting based on the purchase intent, demographics, interests, phase of life or the location of the target group. Browse our range of targeting options below or contact us if you cannot find the target group of your choice on the list or if you want us to create a target group for you in some other way.

Target groups can be bought directly or programmatically in the Adform and DV360 DSPs either as ad impressions or data.

Segment Size

+++++ = 600 000 – 4 000 000 devices
+++ = 100 000 – 600 000 devices
+ = Less than 100 000 devices


B2B targeting is based on the incoming IP addresses to the Sanoma network, which can be used to identify the company that owns the address, enabling the targeting of companies according to their volume of business, number of staff or the Standard Industrial Classification of Statistics Finland.

B2B – Industry  
A - Farming, Forestry, Fishing +
B - Mining +
C - Industry +++
D - Electricity, Gas, Heat, Cooling +
E - Water Supply, Sewage, Waste +
F - Construction +
G - Wholesale, Motor Vehicle Maintenance +
H - Logistics, Storing +
I - Hospitality, Catering +
J - Information, Communications +++                
K - Finance, Insurance +
L - Real Estate +
M - Professional, Technical, Scientific +++             
N - Management, Service +
O - Public Governance, Military Defense, Social Insurance           +
P - Education +
Q - Healthcare +
R - Arts, Entertainment +
S - Other Services +
U - International Organizations +
B2B – Headcount                                                  
0-4 +++           
5-9 +
10-19 +
20-49 +
50-99 +
100-249 +++ 
250-499 +++
500-999 +++
1000- +++
B2B – Turnover   
1 – 199 999 +++
200k – 399 999 +
400k – 999 999 +
1 M – 1 999 999 +
2 M – 9 999 999 +++
10 M – 19 999 999 +
20 M – +++


The modelling of demographics is based on an analysis of the users who have provided responses in the panel or identified users in the Sanoma network who have provided their information when logging in, for example. This data is used to create a profile that is then compared to others. By comparing the behaviour of unidentified users to identified profiles, we can mathematically model the age, gender, income bracket and educational background of unidentified users.

15–24 +++++
25–34 +++++
35–44 +++++
45–54 +++++
55–64 +++++
65–74 +++++
Female +++++
Male +++++
Over 75 000 +++++
35 000 – 75 000 +++++
Less than 35 000 +++++
Bachelors or Higher +++++
Secondary or Lower +++++
Vocational                                                                                                   +++++                                                                                                                  

Dynamic Advertising

Lifephase & Households

The responses received through the panel have been used to model users who match the respondents based on their behaviour.

Life Phase  
Alone +++++
Children Have Moved Away +++++
Employment – Employees +++++
Employment – Entrepreneurs +++
Employment – Executives and Managers +++++
Employment – Unemployed +++++
Family With Children +++++
No Children +++++
Pensioners +++++
Students +++++
With a Spouse +++++
With Children: 0–6 years (direct and deals) +++
With Children: 7–12 years (direct and deals) +++
Young Singles (direct and deals) +++
Has a Car +++
No Car +++++
Daily Purchase Decision Makers +++++
Daily Purchase Decision Makers Under 50 +++++
Home Owners (direct and deals) +++
House Type: Apartment (direct and deals) +++
House Type: House (direct and deals) +++
House Type: Summer Cottage (direct and deals) +++++
Rentals (direct and deals) +++


Groups consisting of users who either browse the content related to specific topics more actively than average or browse content more than a certain limit, such as 3 times over the past three weeks. Suitable content is identified using keywords found in articles, various sections of the website, search histories etc. For instance, users in the Travel target group read articles with travel tips, search for airplane tickets in Hintaseuranta and suitcases in Huuto, watch travel-themed shows in Ruutu and have visited harbours and airports.

If this list does not include a good match, we can also customize a suitable audience for any need. Examples of interest-based custom target groups include military history, climate change, recycling, design, classical music – or anything in between.

Catalogue Interest + 15 % CPM  
Body: Eye Problems +++
Business and Investing +++++
Career +++++
Cars and  Motorcycles +++++
Cars and Motorcycles: Commercial Vehicles +++++
Cars and Motorcycles: Family Cars +++
Cars and Motorcycles: Motorcycles +++
Cars and Motorcycles: Premium Cars +++
Cars and Motorcycles: Small Cars +
Cars and Motorcycles: SUV +++
Consumer Electronics +++++
Consumer Electronics: Home Appliances +++
Consumer Electronics: Laptops +
Consumer Electronics: Mobile Phones +++++
Culture & Events +++++
Culture & Events: High Culture +++++
Culture and Events: Nightlife +++++
Culture and Events: Restaurants +++++
Education +++
Entertainment and Celebrities +++++
Families and Relationships +++++
Families and Relationships: Families with Children +++++
Families and Relationships: Parenting +++++
Fashion and Beauty +++++
Fashion and Beauty: Cosmetics +++++
Fashion and Beauty: Men's Fashion +++
Fashion and Beauty: Women's Fashion +++++
Food and Beverages +++++
Food and Beverages: Beer +++
Food: BBQ +
Food: Cooking +++++
Food: Vegetarian Food +++
Gambling +++++
Gaming and Esports +++++
Hobbies and Activities +++
Hobbies and Activities: DIY +++++
Hobbies and Activities: Photography +++++
Hobbies and Activities: Reading +++++
Home, Gardening and Cottage +++++
Home, Gardening and Cottage: Summer Cottage +++
Home: Construction +++++
Home: Decoration +++++
Home: Gardening +++++
Home: Living +++++
Home: Renovation +++++
Events & Culture: Festivals +
Medical Health +++++
Medical Health: Flu +++
Medical Health: Headache +++
News and Society +++++
News and Society: Foreign News +++++
News and Society: National News +++++
News and Society: Politics +++++
Outdoors +++
Pets +++
Pets: Cats +++
Pets: Dogs +++
Pets: Horse +++
Science and Technology +++++
Shopping +++++
Shopping: Online Shopping +++++
Sports +++++
Sports:  Golf +
Sports: eSports +++
Sports: F1 +++++
Sports: Football (Soccer) +++++
Sports: Ice Hockey +++++
Sports: Rally +++
Travel +++++
Travel: Travel Abroad +++
Travel: Travel Domestic +++
TV, Movies +++++
Wellness and Fitness +++++
Wellness and Fitness: Fitness +++
Wellness and Fitness: Healthy Eating +++
Wellness and Fitness: Weight Loss +++++
Wellness and Fitness: Wellness                          +++++                                
Wine ++
Custom Interest + 30 % CPM  
Action Movies +++
Aging +++++
Allergies +++
Applying to Second Grade Education +++
Arthouse Movies +++
Audio Books +
B2B – Decision Makers +
Boating +++
Body: Digestion +++
Body: Skin +++                   
Body: Stomach +++
Books +++
Car Repair +++
Carbon footprint +++
Celebration Events +++++
Charity +++
Children aged 0–2 +++
Children aged 2–6 +++++
Cholesterol +++
Christmas +++++
Classical Music +++++
Climate Change +++++
Coffee Lovers +++
Competitions and Lotteries +++
Culture and Events - Rock Festivals +
Cyber Security +++
Cycling +++
Design +++
Divorce +++++
Downhill skiing +++
E-Books and Detective Fiction Books +++
Eco Renoavation +++
Ecological Awareness +++
Economy +++++
Electric Cars +++++
Entrepreneurship +++
Families with 6 - 12 year old children +++++
Families with Children Aged 6-18 +++++
Families with small children +++
Floorball +++
Food - Baking +++++
Food - Dairy Free +
Food - Gluten Free +++
Food - Ice cream +
Food - Lactose Free +
Food - Low Carb High Protein +++
Food - Vegan +++
Food - Vegetarian +++++
Food - Weight Loss Diet +++++
Food: Easy Everyday Food +
Food: Hamburger +
Food: Hot Dog +
Food: Pizza +++
Heartburn +++
Heavy gamers +++
Heavy Metal +++
High School +
History of Finland +++
Hobbies and Activities - Winter Sports +++++
Home Security +
Horror +++++
Horse Racing +
Hotels Finland +++++
Hunting +++++
Ice Hockey Finnish National Team +++
Incontinence +
Investing +++++
IT-Career +++
Jazz Music +++++
Jewel +++
Joint problems +++
Kitchen Renovation +++
Konmari +++++
Laundry +++
Leasing +++
Marticulation examination +++++
Menstruation +++
Money saving +++++
Motoring +++++
Movies +++++
Movies - Frozen +++++
Movies - Star Wars +++++
Moving +
Natural cosmetics +
New Car +++
New Students +
Oats +
Online Shopping - Black Friday +
Organic Food +
Pregnancy +++
PriceHunters +++++
Rambo +
Recycling +++
Rheumatism +
Sales and Marketing +++++
Sauna +++++
Skateboarding +++
Sleep Problems +++++
Small Babies +++
Social Workers +
Sports: Basketball +++
Sports: Valioliiga +++
Ticks and Mites +++
Tobacco Products - Quit Smoking +
Toddlers +++++
Tooth Problems +++
Travel to America +
Travel to Asia +++
Travel to Europe +++
Travel to Stockholm +++++
Travel to Tallinn +++++
Valentine's Day +++
War History +++++

Updated 3.3.2020


kontekstikohdennus HS Auto.JPG
Kontekstikohdennus IS Ruokala.JPG

IAB Category

We automatically identify which IAB category our articles belong to, and this information can be utilized in context targeting.

See a list of the IAB categories

IAB2 Automotive
IAB2-1 Auto Parts
IAB2-16 Off-Road Vehicles

kontekstikohdennus HS Auto.JPG

IAB8 Food & Drink


Kontekstikohdennus IS Ruokala.JPG

Individual Keywords

At the most precise level, we can target individual keywords.

Volvo Group
Hybrid Vehicle
Test Drives

kontekstikohdennus HS Auto.JPG

Egg Food

Kontekstikohdennus IS Ruokala.JPG

Target video ads according to programme content

Video advertising can be targeted according to programme content in Ruutu, using the themes below:


  • Please note that the advertising capacity of each theme depends on the programmes available in Ruutu.
  • We recommend the use of the themes in long-term activities and as part of other campaign measures.
  • In addition to the themes, you can also buy advertising that directly targets the programme of your choice.
  • We recommend programme-specific targeting with big programme phenomena that have a higher advertising capacity.

By targeting the right context, you can ensure that your advertising will be visible in the most suitable environment. Context targeting is a traditional way of targeting display advertising, but thanks to modern technology, it is certainly one of the most effective targeting techniques. Whereas before the context targeting of travel advertising would involve manually choosing travel-related websites, nowadays artificial intelligence and self-learning models help you to automatically find the desired contexts, articles and content.

Each of the interest target groups listed above can also be bought contextually, and we can also customize a new targeting option if you cannot find a suitable one on the list.

We divide context targeting into three different levels that can be utilized separately or together.

Website Section

The advertising is visible in all the content under a section of the website.

Audience Reporter

Many advertisers have a basic idea of traditional web analytics: how much traffic does the website get, what are the session durations, how do visitors navigate from one page to another etc. However, advertisers are often slightly unsure about the types of people who visit their website. To address this issue, we developed Audience Reporter.

Audience Reporter is a tool for analysing the profile of various audiences. The audience can be collected from the company’s website, its customer database via Custom Audiences or an existing interest target group. Audience Reporter can be used to analyse demographic factors, interests, place of residence, phase of life, income bracket and much more. The use of Sanoma's media can also be examined to form an idea of who should be approached, how and where. B2B data is also available, so a B2B advertiser can analyse the types of companies that are currently being reached.


If you want to hear more about the opportunities Audience Reporter has to offer and how this data can be applied to, say, your customers’ attitudes, trends and consumer habits, please contact our Sales Team!

Buying intent

Purchase intent target groups consist of users who have browsed homes, cars and various consumer goods in Sanoma’s marketplaces (Huuto, Hintaseuranta). The users in these target groups are clearly in the consideration stage of buying a product and therefore form an excellent, precise target group for a tactical message.

Buying Intent  
Adult Toys +                            
Baby Clothing and Products +
Boats +
Building Materials +
Cameras and Photo +
Childrens Clothing and Products +
Childrens Toys +
Computer Components, Software and Accessories                        +                      
Computers +
Dishwashers +
Exersice and Sport Equipments +
Gaming +
Garden Equipments +
Home Appliances +
Mens Clothing +
Mobile Phones and Accessories +
Outdoors, Hunting and Fishing +
Owens and Microwaves +
Pet Supplies +
Refridgerators and Freezers +
Tablets and Accessories +
Travel +
TV and Home Entertainment +
Vacuum Cleaners +
Valuable Investments +
Washing Machines +
Womens Clothing +

Sanoma Segments

A rich, broad understanding of Finns’ media use.

Sanoma segments  
Open-minded networker (Ennakkoluuloton verkostoituja) +++++
Idealist follower (Haaveileva mukanakulkija) +++
Confident achiever (Itsevarma menestyjä) +++
Busy balance-seeker (Kiireinen tasapainon etsijä) +++++
Quality-conscious information-seeker (Laatutietoinen tiedonhakija) +++++
Comfort-loving enjoyer (Mukavuudenhaluinen viihtyjä) +++++
Curious trendsetter (Utelias suunnannäyttäjä) +++++
Settled routine-lover   (Vakiintunut arjesta nauttija) +++++


All location data is based on an exact GPS location. Target groups can be utilized based on the user’s current or previous location. For instance, advertising can target those who are currently at the airport or those who have previously visited the airport. Or users who frequently visit an area of influence that is significant, no matter their current location – this provides an easy way to extend the geographical reach.

Real time


  Postal Code
Geo County  
Åland +

South Karelia

South Ostrobothnia +++
South-Savo +
Kainuu +
Kanta-Häme +++

Central Ostrobothnia

Central Finland +++
Kymenlaakso +++
Lapland +++
Pirkanmaa +++
North Karelia +++

North Ostrobothnia



Päijät-Häme +++
Satakunta +++
Uusimaa +++++
Southwest Finland +++
GEO - City  
Espoo +++
Helsinki +++++
Hyvinkää +
Hämeenlinna +
Joensuu +
Jyväskylä +++
Järvenpää +
Kokkola +
Kotka +
Kouvola +
Kuopio +
Lahti +++
Lappeenranta +
Lohja +
Mikkeli +
Oulu +++
Pori +
Porvoo +
Rovaniemi +
Salo +
Seinäjoki +
Tampere +++
Turku +++
Vaasa +
Vantaa +++



Temperature: 1-5°C

Temperature: 6-10°C Cloudy
Temperature: 11-15°C Rain
Temperature: 16-20°C Hail
Temperature: 21-25°C Humid
Temperature: >25°C Icy




Constituency of Åland


Constituency of Helsinki


Constituency of Häme


Constituency of Southeast Finland


Constituency of Central Finland


Constituency of Lapland


Constituency of Oulu


Constituency of Pirkanmaa


Constituency of Satakunta


Constituency of Savo-Karelia


Constituency of Uusimaa


Constituency of Vaasa


Constituency of Varsinais-Suomi                                     



Display pricing

When targeting in multiple targeting levels at the same time, the price is determined by the highest level used.

The minimum campaign size of custom geo and custom audiences is EUR 3 000 per media campaign or EUR 500 per line item.