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Display advertising

in the Sanoma network

With display advertising methods we can pursue a broad range of marketing goals, be that increasing brand awareness or directing traffic to the advertiser’s website.

Today, media usage is characterized by device independence, which also applies to campaign planning. Device independent advertising solutions target people on the devices they use in their daily lives. In device independent advertising, impressions are distributed by device usage, so there is no need to think about how to optimally divide impressions between channels when planning a campaign.

Display advertising products


Digital full pages

A digital full page is an effective, device independent advertising solution. It is visible in all of a media’s digital channels.

A large area and high product recall work both in brand and more tactical campaigns. Studies have shown that a digital full page increases brand impact.

The proportions of the ad are the same as full-page print ads, making it easy to import full-page prints into digital channels.

Additionally, it is easy to run multipage advertising supplements in digital full page advertising locations.

The digital full page is available in the following media: Ilta-Sanomat, Vauva, MeNaiset, Kodin Kuvalehti. In addition, the Helsingin Sanomat digital full page is part of the multichannel print+digital packaging.

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Landing pages

A landing page is a device independent advertising solution used on lifestyle sites. Viewers see it full-screen the first time they visit the site on any given day on a new device.

As an advertising solution, a landing page attracts attention and is seen. In addition to near 100% viewability, landing pages attract good numbers of clicks and serve as effective traffic directors. Campaigns typically achieve over 2% CTR.

Landing pages work very well in launches, brand-message reinforcement and visual campaigns. This advertising solution is particularly effective when raising awareness.

Landing pages are sold on a time basis and the number of views they receive varies slightly, as they always target first-time visitors to the site, making them the first messages that are seen.

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Cross-screen paraati

Cross-screen parade

Cross-screen parade is a prominent, device independent advertising format which allows you to reach a broad target audience.

It targets consumers throughout the day through several interfaces, which increases repetition and positively affects awareness.

The materials for a cross-screen parade can be images, videos or transformers, which can be used to present new products or messages simultaneously.

The ad is seen at the top of the page on mobile, on tablets and desktop.

This advertising solution works as a part of either a tactical campaign or brand relationship building campaign. The solution can be used to boost awareness and purchasing intentions.

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Cross-screen parade wallpaper

The most prominent advertising format on desktop, parade wallpaper, is combined in this product with mobile parade.

Cross-screen parade wallpaper is the right choice when you want the best possible product recall on desktop and want to combine it with mobile parade, increasing coverage, repetition and advertising efficacy.

Cross-screen parade wallpaper is displayed on desktop and mobile.

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Cross-screen rectangle

Cross-screen rectangle is a device independent advertising format that is displayed on both mobile and desktop.

It is particularly effective when you want to run a multichannel campaign with just one material. The same 300 x 250 px material is displayed on desktop in the sponsor box location and on mobile in the box location.

This advertising solution is particularly recommended for tactical campaigns with sufficient repetition.

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Cross-screen vertical parade

The ad is displayed in a fixed skyscraper spot on desktop and in between articles on mobile devices.

The viewability and attention value of a vertical parade are extremely high, because the fixed ad spot stays afloat on the right side of the page even while the user scrolls the page. This ensures that the advertiser’s message is also clearly displayed and even longer tactical messages can be displayed in the vertical parade.

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Native ad

Native ads

Native ad is a device independent ad that redirects to a native advertising article. The ad may be located either on the media’s home page amidst a news feed or in the middle of an article. A native ad is clearly labelled as an ad and is distinct from the journalistic content while naturally melding with the media’s general look.

A native ad is intended for redirecting the reader to the advertiser’s native advertising article. The native article may be hosted on Sanoma media or on the advertiser’s site.

Performance-based native advertising is visible throughout the Sanoma network’s sites front pages and article pages, on desktop, mobile and tablet devices. With the help of performance-based advertising you can direct consumers to your content that is located either on Sanoma’s landing page or on your own website.

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Product ad

A product ad is a tactical, device independent display ad which consists of components and redirects to a product description or website, for example. A product ad is somewhat reminiscent of a native highlight, but it does not redirect to native content. The message of the ad should be as tactical as possible.

A product ad is an easy low-threshold display product, because no banner production is needed for the ad. Instead, the ad consists of headline text, description text, image and a call to action.

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Social media ad

A social media ad is a performance-based solution which you can use to expand the reach of your Facebook ads to Ilta-Sanomat. It is based on the same materials as on Facebook.

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With a chatbot, it’s easy to start conversations with consumers. It works best from a service perspective and in refining leads before the consumer is redirected to the advertiser’s site. The chatbot delivery is not tied to an advertising location but it works best in vertical formats such as digital full pages or vertical parades.

Sanoma produces the material and script based on the client’s materials and idea.

Dynamic Advertising

Rich media solutions