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Most influential TV content, most talked-about programme phenomena and the brightest stars

If your message does not stand out, it will get lost in today’s constant bombardment of media. The undeniable marketing power of the TV is based on its extensive reach, quality media environment and strong stories. Become a part of new worlds, perspectives, shared experiences and great emotions. Harness the most influential media and make an impression that evokes an emotional reaction.

This page contains more information about our TV solutions for marketers as well as ideas and inspiration to support your work.

Team up with the brightest stars to tell your story to millions of viewers

The television is an influential advertising media that combines audio and video to create emotionally appealing storytelling. Tell your story through the Sanoma TV portfolio to reach Finns extensively and effectively.

We can also cater to your needs by customizing effective, creative solutions that stand out. With us, you can create proven multichannel entertainment phenomena that spark consumer conversation at home, around coffee tables and on social media. Big programme phenomena and the brightest stars as brand and awareness builders, data-targeted sponsorship campaigns and influencer marketing are just some of the options that Sanoma TV has to offer.

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