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The radio does what other media dare not do.


Listen up! Audio advertising allows you to make your voice heard cost-effectively while building brand awareness and driving customers to your shop. The radio is a unique advertising media due to its human touch, personality-led approach and commercially relevant target groups. Thanks to the extensive range and reach of Sanoma’s channels, not to mention its well-known radio personalities, we can offer advertisers the best solutions out there.

This page contains more information about radio advertising as well as ideas and inspiration to support your work. The radio consumer pages can be found in Supla.

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Radio – Flexibly Reach Audiences on the Move

Sanoma Radio has the best reach among all commercially relevant target groups. We reach more than 2.2 million listeners per week and additional pairs of ears can be gained via Supla, the most popular podcast service in Finland. By advertising in both the radio and Supla, you can build repetition in the trendsetting target group and further increase the attention value of your campaign.

The wide range of channels, strong and well-known content brands and personalities and diverse target groups allow us to give advertisers the best possible insight when it comes to utilizing commercial radio. Due to this, we also have the top solutions and innovations for developing the entire commercial radio industry.

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