Sanoma Radio


The best voices, most interesting audiences and most impressive audio platforms in Finland for your audio advertising. Real-time in the moment.

Radio – Flexibly Reach Audiences on the Move

Listen up! The radio is a fast, cost-effective media. It has a strong emotional impact and can boost your message when paired with e.g. TV advertising. Nelonen Media radios reach 2.3 million Finns per week, particularly in the 25–44 age group. 

The radio allows you to easily build repetition and activate listeners also outside the home. The radio will link your brand naturally to the current topics of the day and the music on a favourite channel will enhance the impact of advertising. The radio plays a significant role in building phenomena.

A wide range of channels, strong and well-known content brands and personalities and diverse target groups give us the best insight into utilising commercial radio from the perspective of the advertiser. Due to this, we also have the best possible solutions and innovations for developing the entire commercial radio industry.