Video Advertising

In addition to the TV, video content is increasingly consumed via online TV using a computer, smartphone or tablet. Video is an effective brand advertising tool, and the online channel makes video advertising also better-suited for tactical campaigns than traditional TV advertising.

Video and sound are used to tell stories and evoke emotional reactions that go on to have an impact on consumers’ purchase behaviour. Studies shows that advertisers who tell stories also stick to the minds of consumers better.

Video Advertising Products

Video advertising is divided into instream and outstream video advertising, depending on the content with which it is displayed. Instream, or spot advertising is shown alongside video content, whereas outstream video advertising can be embedded in a display ad on a news site, for example. 




The instream video advertising products are Ruutu Premium Impact, Ruutu Premium Reach, Video Premium Efficiency, Ruutu Premium Bumper Ad



Outstream video advertising formats are Vertical Video, Horizontal Video and Square Video.


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