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Reach everyone. Or only an extremely well-defined audience, the target groups that suit you best. In the most trusted and desired media brands in Finland.  In environments where we know more about the visitors than anyone else in Finland.

In Sanoma’s network, you know the company that your brand keeps

Sanoma's high-reach, trusted network consists of brands that Finns love and consumers enjoy spending time with and seeking daily topics of discussion. Consumers have a strong relationship with Sanoma's brands also in digital channels. We therefore have good reason for claiming that Sanoma knows Finns and Finns’ media use, in particular.

Sanoma's segmentation allows advertisers to gain access to precisely the right target group and reach their own segments. Large news media offer advertisers the chance to create phenomena through advertising even in a single day. Versatile, large advertising spaces combined with a high reach in trusted media environments work perfectly when the goal is to launch, create a controlled phenomenon and increase brand awareness.

Sanoma’s extensive network, the largest in Finland with the greatest range of media in online channels, makes the network superior; its versatility provides advertisers excellent data targeting opportunities, combined with the right kind of media environment.