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Sanoma Digital Solutions

You know your customers. We know them too.

Our websites receive almost 300 million page views every week. Thanks to this data, we are thoroughly familiar with Finns and their media usage. You can reach your current customers and potential new customers by utilizing the data and targeting capabilities of Sanoma. What’s more, the Finnish quality content of the Sanoma network always provides a safe media environment for your message.

This page contains more information about our digital marketing solutions as well as ideas and inspiration to support your work.

On behalf of more influential digital marketing, together with you

Digital marketing professionals have a lot on their plate: analytics, sales, creative design and everything in between. There is plenty of data available, but translating it into insight and tangible results requires a lot of work. Let us help you. Together, we will make sure your message gets across and is converted into euros.

We collect our data ourselves from our channels, reliable websites that are the most popular in Finland. We do this with the consent of your customers and using the best data protection practices in the industry. We use this data to help you produce even more influential digital marketing in a high-quality media environment that reinforces your message and always directs it at the right target group.

Key figures:

  • 95% – We reach 95% of all Finns every week. This means that with us, your campaign is always viral.
  • 300 million – Our network receives almost 300 000 000 page views every week. That is a huge amount of data for your benefit.
  • More than 300 target groups – We will find the right audiences for your specific needs. Your targeting strategy can be extremely precise or large and wide, whatever works for you.

Build your brand. Drive more sales. Engage your customers.

Digital marketing has been shown to affect awareness, preference, consideration and purchase intent throughout the purchase process. With Sanoma's versatile digital marketing solutions, you can create and convert demand, whether it be through brand building, traffic redirection, deal closing or add-on sales. Browse our digital marketing solutions below or ask for more information!